Note: Maureen Riley is a Master Energy Healer, Intuitive consultant and Success Coach who Mentors in Divine Feminine and Life Purpose Activation, gives seminars and hosts Creativity, and Women’s Spirituality Retreats: 773-761-9412.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all were connected to our Soul Purpose and our vast creative and energetic potential?

Discovering our unique Soul Purpose gives us direction, resilience, confidence, hope, energy and lots of creativity for the future. Living on Purpose is like the "Medicine Walk" in Native American culture, where we share our gifts with the world and all the right people are drawn to us. Synchronicities happen in our life and we are helping other people as well as enjoying our best life.

Did you know that your your True Soul Purpose and what blocks you from your greater potential in love and success is recorded in and can be read in your own energy field ?

Our body and our greater Spirit are connected to our subtle energy system, at all times, our Subtle Energy Body is connected to Source and to all Creative Intelligence. Our Energy Body has subtle messages for us that speak to us through the language of intuition. But do we listen?

Since we are a Soul in a Body with a connection to Source, it is our design to be connected to our True Life Purpose, getting energetic messages about our Soul path all the time. We can develop High Sensory Perception (HSP) and talk to our intuition and messages inside our bodies for our right life.

Ancient Traditions show many examples of how we can sense our Soul Purpose through the body and energy system.

A long time ago, tribal people around the world honored their youth when they were moving though the time of opening to Spirit messages. In adolescence the 7th or crown chakra is developing--between ages 14 and 21. That is why Native Americans have Vision Quests for their youth where they go on an inward journey until they sense their life purpose. The Hawaiians have an ancient tradition where the families massage their loved ones on an Altar (Ancient Lomi Lomi) until they knew what they wanted to do with their life. This also is an example of getting in touch with the body and energy system and sensing intuition inside of it.

Are you ready to know your True Life Purpose?

Here are some of the things teach in sessions and retreats:

Core Star Essence - Inside your energy system and body is the core star essence. This place in your body will connect you with Source and numerous possibilities. This spot is concentrated in your energy field 1-½ inches above the navel. It contains what the ancients called the seed of destiny and what one famous healer who was my teacher called the core star. When you sense into your core star you will start to feel more happy and alive, like you're connected to all the opportunities that await you. You can connect with Core Star daily in the AM to gather energy for your dreams. You can also use it to do an inward "journey" into it to get information about your Soul Path.

Activating the Chakras - When we open the chakras -- our secret and powerful energetic gates within our energy field - we bring the unlimited love and intelligence of Divine Source into our earthly experience. So how do we do that? I can show you a chakra activation system where you're guided to the place with the most information for you. You can release old beliefs or "contracts" as well as establishing new contracts for living your life on purpose.

Akashic Records - Your Akashic Records are records about every deed you do in this lifetime as well as your soul purpose--some people sense them like "scrolls" with our life instructions written on them. Ancient sacred texts talk about the "book of life" where the records of our life are kept. Even quantum physics has a theory that everything that happens in the Universe is recorded on the edge of the Universe. When we tap into these records we find information important for our sacred journey, so you can map your best course in life, your true Soul Path, your true Soulmate, etc.

Hara Line - The Hara line, or the Life Purpose energy line, is the the foundation on which your entire personal energy field is founded.When your Hara line is charged, connected and aligned, you are synchronized with all of Creation. When it is healthy, you will feel a lot of personal integrity, power, purpose and love, because you are synced with the universal purpose for your life as a whole! One point on your hara line is above the heart and is 1-2- inches to 15 feet in diameter. Here we carry the spiritual longing that leads us thru our life . From within this point we can find and unfold everything we long to be and do or become. The Hara line connects all the way down into the Center of the Earth. It connects us from the cosmic formless Source through our heart and our power centers into the earth in a beautiful shimmering stand of light about 1 inch thick. When people start to sense this line they get a whole new activation in their Life Purpose.

Divine Feminine Mysteries - Women have their own energy system and their own wisdom. I love sharing secrets that mystics, powerful priestesses and healers knew. I am one of them, having spent years as a student, practitioner and initiate in the Feminine Shakti ( i.e. the Higher Energy of cosmic and creative consciousness) Mystery Schools. What will ancient wisdom about the Divine Feminine give you? The ability to reconnect your body to the whole web of life and the magnetic flows that actually nurture us from the earth and all of nature. Inside of us, the womb has seeds of our dreams as well as all our memories. A woman can learn to work with the energy intelligence inside her womb to that connect to the Web of Life and give her guidance to discover her Soul Purpose.

Attuned to your deeper life purpose, you feel alive and excited to get up each day, expecting miracles from a universe that you are connected to. Reconnecting our body to the whole web of life and the magnetic flows that actually nurture us from the earth and all of nature, we can feel what is happening around us and can know where to go, what to do from a more instinctual place within us.

That's what I want for you, to feel happy and fully connected to your True and Highest Source-connected Self!