Ancient mystery schools that famous prophets and priestesses like Jesus and Mary Magdalene spent time learning in, taught how to open connection between body and our all- knowing soul, the pipeline to Higher Consciousness, or God. These openings and activations are the source of all miracles and healing, not just for special people, but for us all.  But you must ignite the bridges within you to this Miracle Field of Intelligence to allow it to guide your life. Without awakening connections that exist IN THE BODY that link us to that greater field of Energy Intelligence, we operate at half-mast, struggling through without access to our brilliance and access to unprecedented solutions to personal and world challenges in every field of endeavor. Many have spoken of this, but it is our sacred task to learn how to open and align with the ACTUAL energy that delivers miracles.  It takes us beyond faith into the experience of that energy within and all around us, and the intelligent guidance it holds once we learn to receive it, and I am not talking about just psychic intuition that is often unreliable and ungrounded in our bodies so we don’t fully trust it. I can only say that this feeling is more love than I have ever encountered from anywhere or anyone in this world! I now know what self-love feels like is! Now I want everyone to feel it.. and imagine the world we will come together and re-create from there!