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My perspectives have been featured in The Columbia Review, Natural Awakening, Conscious Choice and Private Art’s Magazines; as a guest on WGN and WVON radio; as WNUR radio show host of “A Woman’s Place”; as a speaker at Conscious Business Creation symposiums such as OOHNow.org and VIBEUP.org; and as a one-woman solo-show artist telling transformational stories on various stages, including with the Illinois Arts Council supported “Second Story”, about my own astonishing and miraculous healing and meetings with Mary Magdalene.  

Clients of mine, which have included Celine Dion and Company, Cirque Du Soleil dancers, athletes, doctors, therapists, coaches, world class artists, clergy and Fortune 500 Executives, say remarkable things about the impact my work has had on their lives and business success.



 “ I accessed new dimensions of myself using this process and received a clear path of action and concrete steps to manifesting a new business, a dream I’ve had for many years. Through Maureen’s Multidimensional Success Coaching, I now know how to tap into my deeper intuitive, creative force and receive answers! This has given me the courage to follow my dream and open a new business. I have become far more innovative, have more mastery and confidence when presenting, have been given more opportunities on the job, I read people better, anticipate more accurately, react less and respond more. Maureen is a true muse for creatives, entrepreneurs and anyone looking to make next-level breakthroughs while experiencing and developing their hidden superpowers” Steven White, Sr. Marketing Director, Allstate Corp

“Celine(Dion) hired Maureen to come in and help her dance troupe get calm, clear and find our next steps after being told we had 3 months to find new jobs because she was retiring.  Maureen was remarkable at connecting with our highest Selves and downloading spot-on guidance and information about our past, true purposes and blocks to manifesting even more for ourselves than we already had! Mentoring with Maureen led me to make more money in 3 months than I had made in an entire year AND land an incredible job in a new field I thought I could never get into.” Mark Swanhart, former Choreographer for Celine Dion, now Director of UK’s TV series “So You Think You Can Dance”

 “I am successful, but haven’t been able to find a real and lasting love. I felt stuck, not knowing what needed to shift. With Maureen, I, very quickly, accessed a deep emotional wound and found and re-patterned an old, hidden belief about love that was attached to it. By the end of the session I felt like I had retrieved my heart from a place where I left it a long time ago. My tenderness and my power both showed up and a wall that I had around my heart -about not wanting to lose my freedom- simply came down. I saw how I was operating –no wonder no man could get in- I was too afraid to be available!  Now I feel more 'real' and connected to my heart and am no longer pushing men away who do things I don’t like. Now I am seeing there is something in me I haven’t felt through, don’t like and have made limiting, internal agreements out of. I never learned to be honest, with another, or myself and stay in- a now I also have a new set of skills to work through emotions with! And I am having great results! “  Jasjit Raj, Transformational Business Coach

“Maureen is a healer who has opened up powers of the most remarkable nature, preparing her to take a major and collective role in creating both a new world and a return to its original nature - through the power of the ancient, wise, intuitive, creative feminine.” Bill Bauman, Spiritual Teacher, CEO, Center for Soulful Living

 “Your healing skills are a preview of what is to come. You teach us how to open BOTH the heart and the soul, so we can live from our expanded capacities for love, intuition and inspiration- to listen, allow, and evolve- a testament that we are progressing (toward living) in the Oneness.” Nancy Polend, CEO, Building Bridges

 “OMG, after we did the Abundance Re-patterning sessions, I travelled to Italy, taught there and in California and made in 3 months what it took me a year to make last year! If that weren’t enough, after de-limiting blocking beliefs, I finally got the courage to open a school for actors- a dream come true”.  Paola Coletto, Director of 'The School'