Activate the Transformative Power of your Chakras –The Path to Power, Purpose and Prosperity

This teleseminar series is for you if you want to confidently create thriving, soul-aligned love and purpose-aligned businesses that are as UNIQUE TO YOU AS THE PATH UNFOLDING FROM WITHIN YOU IS.  You can, once you learn how to activate and use the higher intelligence of your Subtle Energy Anatomy, which your chakras are part of.

In 7 on-line journeys with coaching, healings and Q&A, I’ll take you across the Subtle Energy bridge between your manifest world and all the un-manifest potential of your Higher Self and soul. You’ll

  • Receive your personal energy assessment- a blueprint and map to better health
  • Learn the magic of reading your own energy and chakras to identify and break through hidden, limiting patterns of belief and emotion that keep grace-filled success just beyond reach
  • Access clarity regarding your unique gifts and purpose,  & connect with the high vibration energy of your true self, in order to  create prosperity, doing and being what and with whom you love
  • Liberate more of the pure, pleasurable sensuality, creativity and health that comes from activating your higher energy field.
  • Unleash the wisdom, joy and power of your most authentic Self.
  • Get relief from or totally disappear nagging body symptoms, blues, stress, frustration and anxiety once you learn to hear what your soul is trying to communicate through them.   

WHEN: 7 Mondays : 6/12, 19, 26, 7/3, 10, 13 and 24 from 8-10 pm CT zone.

You too can receive profound answers to life issues that lie beyond the scope of your thinking mind’s reach, Get inspired and re-energized, receive soul-level guidance, energy and the practical steps needed to manifest your heart’s desires, the way I learned to do while training to be a medically certified master healer and “seer".


Cost: 385.00. Early bird discount til May 15, 350.00. Don’t have a PayPal account? No worries. Getting one is fast and free. Or call 773-761-9412. 


“This work has totally transformed my life! Despite a lot of coaching and therapy, I could never make love “stick”.  Maureen found a binding agreement that went back to my birth mother, who did not raise me. I had agreed to let her take my love and energy in exchange for safety, which I never got. This played out with the men I tried to connect with, because I felt needy and unsafe and thought they were there to help with that. They left. Having released the cord, and claimed responsibility for my own safety I am now able to hold good, adult boundaries. For the first time, minus that burdensome but unconscious agreement, I am revealing my true self and finding I can love and be loved.” -- Lindsay Wagner